Monday, October 08, 2007


Update on Foster Care!

OK my paperwork did make it in! And it is off to another city to be approved! YAY! They have sent out the next set of paperwork which is an autobiography one from both Allan and I! I have just finished writing it! Boy 3 pages of my life! I am going to take them in first thing tomorrow! The second part of the packet they sent was the medicals! So I am waiting to her when my appointment is for them!

Update on the DENTIST trip!

I talked to the health department and he has been reported on many TIMES before but they have done nothing to stop him! ICK ICK ICK!!! That is just REALLY sad! They should be able to do something?!?!?!

Update on my Mum!

She is getting better day by day.... And guess what?????? Neil and Mum are coming to VISIT for Arliah's Birthday! (which is this Saturday) So they should be here in the next day or so.. Depending on how well mum travels!

And last this update just brakes my heart..... I have been reading the blog about Elyse Yu

Elyse passed away to be with the Lord yesterday at 3 AM.

Elyse Yu, the eldest of triplet sisters born on February 1, 2007

diagnosed with the HLH disease, a rare blood disorder which occurs in 1 out of 1 Million people.

Elyse had a Bone Marrow Transplant 18 days ago but due to complications passed away...

Please if you have the time head over to her blog and send prayers and thoughts to the family....

Elyse Yu
February 1, 2007 - October 6, 2007


Be Inspired Always said...

Sending prayers for the family that lost that little girl. How sad.


MMrussianadoption said...

I feel horrible for that family of the little one. That story about the dentist gets me. I hope you didn't contract any diseases there. And I hope that your paperwork goes fast for ya.

OziMum said...

So sad for Elyse's family.

Glad your paperwork is all done! Yay! Moving right along!

Enjoy your time with your Mum! My Mum and Dad are here now, and are heading back to Darwin on Mon - I'll miss em when they're gone.