Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Back to School 2008

Well after 6 or so weeks on hoildays the kids went back to school!

Kagen and Tiarna are now in Grade 1 and in sepearte class's.

Kagen really didnt want to go back to school and made sure that he had told everyone about it! But when we go to school all be it a bit shy he went and went with a little tiny nudge!

Tiarna was Very happy to go back and has been counting the days since the day after christmas day! Tiarna bounced in to school very happy and bounced out just the same!

Arliah started preschool (For the second time! She tried last April but it was a flop) Arliah was very happy to start this time and was telling me good bye before we got in the building!!!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

My nephew started school and told his mum it was 'the best day of my life'... how cute.. hope it stays that way... and yes, you could put me on your list... take care

adoptedthree said...

Cute kids just stopped by from another blogger friend in UA adoptions! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

MMrussianadoption said...

aw very cute. i will try to get cute pics like that of my little one.

OziMum said...

You have the cutest kids! I always take a pic of mine when they go back to school too!