Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fixed and Bus sickness

Well my washing machine is all back together!!! With so many things it need to have replaced! Its almost BRAND NEW!!! It run so quiet now that I have even gone to check if it is working!!!

I totally LUCKED out with the computer! Allan brought me a new one! On interest free!! (I love that man!) And it is SO cool and works so fast compared to my old one!!

It is the last day of school holidays here and the kids have asked me the whole holidays to take a ride on a bus! (the bus stop in across the street) So today I thought I would take them as the weather is cooler than it has been!! We went and sat at the bus stop and the kids were VERY excited waiting on the bus!! Tiarna asked me to ring them up and tell them that we are ready to go! Hehe I had to tell her that part of riding the bus is waiting for it to come!!!

Then we heard the bus at the other end of the street and the look on their faces of pure joy that it was coming was priceless!!! We hopped on the bus and the kids made a beeline for the back seats!! This bus is pretty old and it was one heck of a bumpy ride! Kagen said to me that he didn't remember the roads been so bumpy!! It was at this point that I started to feel really queasy and thought to myself of this is just great! I am going to get bus sick!!!!

We got off the bus in town and we had 30mins before we needed to catch the bus home! So we all went and grabbed a drink (me hoping to settle my sickness)

And lined up for another bumpy ride home!!! When the bus stopped at our stop I was so happy to get off!!! Still feeling very green!!

As we crossed the road to walk home all the kids were just so excited talking and giggling saying how that was the best fun! And that was the best thing they have done on school holidays!

Hey who knew??????? And it only cost $6.90!!!!!


OziMum said...

My kids are the same about public transport!!! If they had to do it everyday, it'd be a total drag!

I've FINALLY posted my answers to your Meme... sorry for taking so long!

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I CAN touch my tongue on my knows - and I have really long toes - Todd calls them Frogs toes, coz they kind of bobble on the end!

OziMum said...

Sorry, I just noticed I said "type in YOUR web address"... you don't put YOURS in, you put in the one you want to link to - sorry to confuse you!!!

Also noticed I spelt nose, KNOWS. Hey, its 1/2 past midnight, and I didn't get to bed til 1 last night...

MMrussianadoption said...

funny what kids consider exciting

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You can't beat a good old bumpy bus ride...

Christine said...

How cool! Kids enjoy the simplest things. Hope you feel better!

sweet-P's Mum said...

ye gods, I havent been on a real bus since London! Thats um nine years ago!

I rode them all the time, but in the States it's not quite as safe, clean or friendly.

It's cool that kids find pleasure in the simplest things!