Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dentist trip tomorrow!

Hey it isnt me this time! And its not to Mr Scary Dentist that I went to a while ago!

All 3 of my kids need to go and when I rang for booking they said bring them all in at the same time!!

Woah this is going to be fun! Arliah has been saying that she has a sore chin for the last few days!!! And looks like Kagen has cracked a tooth!!

So wish me luck that all 3 play nice for the dentist! I think I am going to need a stiff drink after!!!

hmmm maybe coke instead of a diet coke!

And 8 sleeps till Foster Care Training


Noah and Josh's Mom said...

LOL, at least put some rum in that coke! Good luck!

Christine said...

I'm sure it will go fine. What's the worst that could happen? So what if they scream and bounce off the walls. :)

redmaryjanes said...

Hi there!

Thank you for the link to your blog! You have a beautiful family. I have to add you to my favorites list!