Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update on Kagen!

Well after alot of talking... Well more talking from us than him!

He is no longer playing the violin well at least not for six months. We are not going to take up the drums at leaset not for six months and we are not going to jump into then we will see if Kagen STILL wants to learn!

The whole not cleaning the room is a pain but again I have taken some of his toys away (hoping that will promoted him to clean the rest)

But that came with another smart a$$ comment! He show me the instruction book to one of the toys I had put away and said "In here it says you can't take toys of naughty boys!"
So a few more toys have been removed from from his room! At this rate he'll have nothing left in there!

I so hope that I am going the right way about this! I guess time will tell!

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cheepette8 said...

You are doing the right thing! Just tonight I told the girls that they couldn't make cupcakes unless their room was cleaned. It got cleaned very quickly :). I work with a guy who took everything out of his sons room except for the bed and the dresser. He had to earn everything back. He had to even earn his door back. It worked. His son has told him many times how he appreciates him doing those things.
I'm sending you some hugs because it sounds like you need them. Don't you just hate days like these.