Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Thank you so very much for all your thoughts and hugz I needed them

Well the finger printer came today but we are in the middle of a dust storm! So they could not get ANY prints~

Found out that there were 3 other houses hit in my area yesterday... They have caught two people late last night! They are repeat offenders!!!!

SO we have got rid of all the food and the toothbrush's! (that killed the bank account) New locks and padlocks! I going to see if the school will let us have some uniforms until the insureance comes though...

And I have to get quotes on the missing rings, bangle and earings

We are now waiting to see what the insurance will cover!

So tell me why do I feel really bad for these people that did this to us????????


Andrea said...

You feel bad for them because you are kind and wonder how in the world people would get to a place where they felt it was O.K. to steal from another person?
Maybe they are drug addicted, maybe they live in extreme poverty,maybe they just have no moral compass, and they do not know God.
What ever the reason, they need to learn that violating a family home is a crime that comes with consequences.
If they are repeat offenders, they need to be off the street.
Don't feel bad.
What if you had walked in on them?
What would they have done to you or your children?
I suggest a REALLY BIG DOG, Or A REALLY LOUD ALARM system. :)
I will pray that your insurance covers everything. I'm glad you threw out the food. I was a little freaked out that they went into the fridge!:)

Send me your address and I'll send you a new ipod.! :)



MMrussianadoption said...

see I was the opposite. I hoped they inhaled my asthma inhaler and choked on it. They got some pretty personal irreplacable stuff from me. I hope they rot. I guess I am just not that feeling for others that take what is not theirs.

Maggie said...

I'm so sorry that happened, Chelley. It must feel so incredibly invasive.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You feel bad cause it is like Andrea said... you are nice... then again they have 'no right' to be going through your house like that... a guy went through my husband's van and tried to steal out of there (though there is food in there - Beef Jerky etc what we sell in our business) and our neighbour saw the guy and came down with his dog... their dog had this guy in a corner... the robber kept on saying to me "Please Miss... I promise I won't do it again...' (mind you this guy happen to know there was Beef Jerky in there and he wanted to feed his family - yeah right) and Mike being Mike was ready to let him go... me on the other hand told the guy if he didn't shut his mouth my foot was going to go in there... then I told him my husband works hard for what he has and he could just come and take what he wanted... then again I told him to 'Shut the **** up you w***er' (of course Americans don't know that word) - in the true Aussie fashion mind you... about 1% of me felt sorry but we were to find out this guy was also a repeat offender... look on the bright side... you weren't home... take care and get a really big scary looking dog...

cheepette8 said...

I am so sorry that happened to you. That stinks. I would have thrown out the food and toothbrushes as well. I will pray that the insurance covers everything. I agree... get a really big, scary, ugly looking dog!
Big hugs for you!

OziMum said...

I don't know?! Why do you feel bad for them?!!! I dare say it's because its so sad that people are in a place where they need (or feel the need) to steal childrens clothing and food. Sad.

I'm sure the school will help you out. I hope the insurance covers everything.

Christine said...

becasue you have a soft heart. They wouldn't feel like stealing if they were better off at least I don't think so.