Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Parent Teacher interviews!

Today was Parent Teacher interviews and I have to say I was very interested in how Kagen has come along and how his teacher has changed things! (After this post "Stars and Dragons)

I was giving Kagens mid year report card to which Mrs S said you can read that later and let me know if there are any issues you want to talk about because I already have another parent waiting! (Great Start to the interview)

Mrs S then showed me the tests that they had done to come up with the grades given. First the reading test which aged Kagen at his age level! But Mrs S said the second after showing me the test that she doesn't like the test and doesn't know why she bothered with it?!?!?!? (YEAH ok then)

Next was the Maths test which still aged Kagen at his age level and the next words out of Mrs S was "I don't like this test either!"

Hmm does she like anything?

I have to add here that Kagen and Tiarna are in separate classes and before going to Kagens interview I had been in Tiarna's and the feelings between the classes was so DIFFERENT!

Tiarna's teacher Mrs K has taken the time to read the report with me! Mrs K also has samples of Tiarnas work to show me from maths to reading to writing! Which Tiarna is doing really WELL with!

Mrs S had to bits of paper that were dated from last week to show me. Mrs S added that she did have other work --- Somewhere around the room but wasn't sure about that ---

When I questioned Mrs S about the stars-and-dragons she told me that after this term she wasn't going to do it anymore as the WHOLE class was below grade level! Mrs S also told me she wished she had another teacher in the room so that she would be able to work better maybe 2 teachers?? (I think if you feel like you need at least 2 more teachers helping then maybe you aren't coping?)

I asked how I could help Kagen catch up to his age level to which Mrs S looked at me then looked off into the distance and mumbles "hmmmm welll ummmm no!" I was feeling like I was hitting my head up against the wall and felt like I was getting the run around! Mrs S did say this just before I left~ Well if Kagen would stop talking in lessons then he may do better!


living4him5 said...

Oh my! My son had a couple of years like this with two back to back...let's say...less inspired teachers, I too felt like I wanted to pound my head against the wall. We ended up getting a tutor which did help but it was still frustrating to say the least.

And hey! You can come visit me and swim in my pool any time!!! I had no idea it was winter in Australia. I'm geographically challenged ..LOL


Maggie said...

This comment isn't for this post, but you'll know what I mean.


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