Monday, January 12, 2009


For Christmas we were given a lovely box which inside was

Bottle of wine


Bath oil

restaurant voucher

baby sitting voucher (over night)

And A HOW TO BOOK!!!!!

Saturday night we dropped the 3 kids off at around 4ish and came home to get ready to go out to dinner.... Well with no kids in the house and us getting undressed well lets just say the party started a little early...

We did make it out to dinner and had a really nice meal and great conversation without kids trying to interrupt us!!

We haven't had a night out like that since June 2008...

It was so very sweet and nice to come home and SPEND time "together"

But the next morning I woke up with SUCH a sore back! I think I pulled something!!??? Agh Maybe I am getting to old for those "how too Books"

I love my hubby and cant wait for the "next" date night!!!


Terri said...

Ohhhhhh La La!!!!
You go girl with your sore back!!!!
Love it!!!

Kim said...

Ha ha ha ha! You go girl! This is hysterical!

Hope you feel better soon!


Maggie said...

OK, that's funny. On your FB status, I thought the sore back was from something else and we were all just ribbing you about the wording. But no... you earned all the ribbing!

OziMum said...

hehehe! What were you doing at dinner?!!!! :)

I tell my rellies the best gift they can give us, is movie or dinner vouchers - and BABYSITTING!!!

Glad you had fun... except for the sore back, bit... but I'm sure it was fun GETTING a sore back?!!

Mom 2 six said...

How funny. I would love a night like that. That really is the best gift. Alone time....

living4him5 said...

LOL!!! I love your post!! You go girl!!

Hugs and love,

MMrussianadoption said...

I wish someone would get me a gift like that. hope your back heals. very funny.

cheepette8 said...