Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dont ya just love phone companys???????

I haven't had a phone bill since November! Now I know we shouldn't chase bills but we get them monthly and I was starting to stress that we hadn't seen a new one and if it was taking this long how BIG was this bill going to be!?!?!?

So I log on to Online Billing it says that its unavailable but was billed on the 17th DEC?? Hmm ok! So I check out the "calls yet to be billed" it says we are up to $1000?!?!?!?! Oh my cupcakes!

So I jump on the phone and wait and wait and wait after about 45mins on hold I get though to a REAL PERSON who tells me I have come though to the wrong place! She puts me on HOLD and is putting me though to the RIGHT person! (insert lovely on hold music for another 25min)

This person answers I tell her the same story I told the 1st lady. This lady says ok ummmmm,, Yeah ok let me have a look at that I'll just put you on HOLD (Aghhhh)
so here I am on hold again waiting then about 10mins in to that hold I get a beep beep beep..... GUESS what ???? I have been disconnected!!!!!!

I sit there pretty miffted that this has happened but I call again! Go though tell us your number and problem thing and on hold while waiting for a REAL PERSON listening to really crappy on hold music.....

New person answers I tell her whats happened (in my nicest voice) Ask why my bill is showing a $1000 account and why hasn't the bill been sent??? She tells me she cant handle amounts over $500 and that she will pass me on to the supervisor?!?!?!?! I BEG for her not to put me on hold!!! She doesn't!

Talk to the new supervisor lady who says the $1000 is a billing error and that she will get it all fixed up!! YAY YAY YAY!!! Thank goodness I dont owe that on my phone bill!!!!

I then ask about why my phone bill isn't issued yet? She looks ummm she doesn't know? And guess what she cant handle this problem she will email her BOSS and find out!
I ask her how long will that take? Oh about a week she thinks?!?!?!? I ask if I need to call back or will someone contact me? She says "oh I don't know if you haven't heard anything in 3 weeks call again!!!!!"

So here I wait? Still nothing and I REALLY dont want to call again and be put on hold or hung up on....

I really am about ready to toss my teddy and rip my party dress!!!!


Kim said...

Holy moly that is obnoxious! I would have been steamed! I HATE waiting on hold, so much for customer service!

Ok, so you are going to have to email me so I can have your email address. I went to respond to your question on the blog but I don't have your email. Yes, I am going to change the title when #3 comes home. Don't want to do it just YET, afraid I will jinx it or something silly like that. :)


MMrussianadoption said...

that is why my email address is verypissedoff at verizon dot net. they all suck!!

April said...

I found you again!!!!! OH I need to go read. :-)