Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hey what would it be without a Kagen has done, been into, or got something!


And the funny thing that I guess isn't really that funny is the first question I am asked is he immunized? Not if he is ok or how are you!! Yes I did get all the shots! But Kagen is one of those lucky ones that got it even after been immunized!

Kagen only seems to have a mild dose of it thankfully! But in any case the kids are ALL home from school! (JUST in CASE for the girls)

By 10am they were all fighting with each other and saying they had nothing to do! They had played the sing-star, read book, been outside, fought over who was cheating at Monopoly and played with Kagens Lego! At the moment all 3 of them are in playing with the barbie dolls and I can hear Kagen yelling "I am the QUEEN" and singing the song "I am a barbie girl in a barbie world"

Kagen apart from an all over body rash is feeling fine and the girls well they have no signs at all of coming down with it!

And here I sit trying to hide hoping if I lay low then they will! AH ha ha! Oh no I have been found Kagen cant get the hair tie out of bleach blonde barbies hair! And Tiarna is asking me to cut an ice cube in half? ! ? Oh it is going to be a long day!


Andrea said...

That is all I can say!
If I could beam you over a bottle of wine...I would do it.
keep us posted girl!
Praying for you & that no one else gets it.


Terri said...

To be honest that was my first thought! I was thinking to myself..."don't we get a shot for Measles!?" lol
I hope Kagen gets better soon!!!

I was just thinking about you the other day when watching the movie Australia!!! I just thought I'd tell ya!!! =)

Janine said...

Measles - I haven't heard of a case in years. Your Kagen really is a special little fellow, isn't he? Hope the girls miss out - for your sake.

MMrussianadoption said...

oh, poor baby. I hope he feels better soon

Margaret M said...

Ohhh Chelley!!!! Measles....Seriously! and all kids home from school. You are now #1 on my prayer list! Hugs from the other side of the world!

living4him5 said...

Oh no! Measles!!

I lauhged out loud at the request to cut an ice cube in half...Too cute!!!

Hang in there mama!!

Hugs and love,

Kim said...

Holy crap, that's crazy!!!!! Hope your weekend is relatively calm! :)

OziMum said...

Geez louise!!! Poor Kagen!

Actually, by the end of your post, I'm thinking... POOR YOU!!!

redmaryjanes said...

I hope that Kagen is better soon and the rest of you don'tome down with it. It sounds like it's going to be ok.

Christine said...

Ugh, so sorry! Hope he feels better soon!