Friday, April 10, 2009

still sitting in a hole...

first I want to say sorry to all my bloggy buddies who I haven't been over and read your blogs!!!

I have dug myself into a lovely hole of self pity and just trying to dig myself out!


First off I have had the toothache from HELL the one that you have the pain the panadol will take the edge off turned into one that had shooting pains that felt like lightening to go with the first part! Not one type of pain killer would even PUT a dent in the pain!!! It of course started on a Friday night and no dentist is open until Monday! SO by sat night I was in pain and was puking from the the pain just to add a nice touch to everything!

Monday morning rolls around and with VERY little sleep or food I GO to the dentist to be waiting on the door step when they open up!

They want to do a root canal I say no please just PULL it! They start!

30mins of pulling.......

1 hour of pulling feeling sick and have a panic attack!

Dentist calls hubby to come down! Told that they have only moved my tooth a very small amount!

1 hour and 30 mins of been in a head lock......

2 hours of PULLING and TUGGIN AND me almost fainting! THEY GET the blooming tooth out!

The last 3 days I have lived with the post op pain of a VERY difficult tooth pull wondering when the PAIN is going to go away and when can I open my jaw again without hurting!

Now I am not sure if the pain I have now is normal or not and guess what EVERYONE is closed for Easter so I will need to wait until TUESAY to see if this ok or not!!!

Going to go back to my little pity party!


Kate said...

Oh, you poor darling!! Toothache is horrible and the treatment can be almost as bad.
I suspect - given how difficult the extraction was - that your pain is normal.
I hope you are able to enjoy Easter.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so horrible. I hope you feel better soon.

living4him5 said...

You poor thing!!! I feel your pain...needing a root canal myself. I've got the referral but I'm too afraid to call and make the appointment!!! Feel better soon!!!

Hugs and Happy Easter!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh.... I do not blame you... have been to that pity party and the pain was the most awful thing... hope you are feeling better now...

Jane and Jim said...

I'm sooooo sorry!
Toothaches are the very worst. I hope you're feeling better now.

Margaret M said...

Oh Chelley!!!! That *#@^s! I hope you are feeling better or at least that you have good pain meds! Thinking of you!

MMrussianadoption said...

holy crap that sucks. hope you feel better soon