Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yup I am blonde!

I couldn't work out why the net was running so slow..

I did all WELL ALMOST the normal things to make sure it was working right. Nothing helped so I guessed it must have been the modem it was on the old side and Al's laptop was doing the same thing as the desktop!

Bought the new modem hooked it up and while setting it with the right settings it needed to log in to my ISP as soon as it did that a message popped up!

It read

This is to let you know that your BigPond Broadband service has been slowed to 64kbps because you have reached your monthly usage allowance

Oh dear!! So I didnt need a new modem at all! DOH! Allan is still laughing at me!

On a side note I had to network Allan's laptop to the new modem and was sitting at my desk. Moving the mouse but it for the life of me would not move on the laptop! WHY YOU ASK?!?!??!?

I was using the mouse on the desktop not the laptop!!!!



Margaret M said...

Beneath my brunette exterior, a blonde exists. LOL and thinking of you!

Andrea said...

Aw man..I do stuff like this ALL the time.