Sunday, July 05, 2009

Did you know that 20 kilograms = 44.09 pounds?

And starting today I am needing to lose that amount! Ugh I knew I was overweight but I didn't know I was over the top over weight!!! UGH!!!!!

I have to say looking at that target at the moment it seems so outta reach!!?!?!

I really need healthy eating ideas!!!

My biggest fault would be my snack eating and I need health ideas for it!!

Ahhh and if you have a sec wish me luck!


Kate said...

Congratulations on deciding to make changes! I have a few tips for you:
- Keep a food diary of EVERYTHING you consume (including licking the bowl when you're cooking and a bite of your child's ice-cream).
- Reduce your portion sizes and use a smaller plate for meals.
- Keep a supply of healthy snacks (eg rice crackers, fruit and yoghurt) for when you are hungry between meals.
- Before you snack, ask yourself if you are really hungry or just bored. If you're not sure, go for a walk or do something else for 20 mins. If you're really hungry, have a healthy snack.
- Make small weight loss goals. 1kg per week is manageable and sustainable.
- Eat regularly (3 meals and 2-3 snacks every day), but make sure they are low in calories.
- Remember that you aren't 'going on a diet', you need to make ongoing changes to your eating and exercise patterns. If you 'diet' for a period of time, the weight will return as soon as you start eating the way you did before.
- Weight Watchers can be helpful as it teaches you how to eat healthily and sustain your weight loss.
I didn't plan to write nearly this much, lol. I hope it's helpful.
Good luck!!! :)

Mom 2 six said...

You can do it !
Good luck.

Andrea said...

You can do this!
High Pro, No sugar,eat as natural as possible.