Friday, August 27, 2010

I can take a hint

I was told I had not updated in well too long!

Life is still crazy busy I sometimes wonder why my spare time is now the time I use to sleep!


Well I still love it and I am getting there! I have a resubmit on an essay by this Tuesday and for the same subject I have to submit the 2nd one by Sunday. Its full on and trying to get my head in it or around it! :P

Kagen is a different boy its been over a year since we changed schools and we are so thankful for his new teachers and new school! He is such an amazing BOY and so very proud of him! He school work is on the up and up and has moved up in all areas!

Tiarna She is a very sweet loving blond! LOL! And her sleep walking well that is always a crack up! School is going very well and she is loving SRC! Tiarna's teacher said she is wonderful to have in her class!

LOVES school hard to get my head around that shes almost been there a year! So very smart already! And thinks shes got two boyfriends!

Flower Just turned One and is such a blessing in our lives.. We still are awaiting news as to what will happen. They have pulled back access and looks like they are trying to revoke the restoration order. So that means back to court again and more waiting!

I think its going to be a good 3-6 months before we even have an idea of what the next step will be then prob will go either of 3 ways

I am guessing first one they put her on to long term orders till 18,

second they throw out the revoke of order and continue with restoration and have it start again working up to full time with bio parents.

the last of the 3 which OF all of them hope it doesn't go this way! Is stop the revoke and restore within a month!

so I will just have to take up a hobby or something to keep me sane! Oh that's right I dont have time for a hobby LOL!


Kate said...

Thanks for the update, Chelley! Please don't leave it so long next time. I'm thrilled the older kids are all doing so well at school and Flower is off the rapid restoration plan.
I hope you can find a little time to relax and maybe even get some sleep. xx :)

Terri said...

Long blogging! Missed you! Sounds like the family is fabulous! Keep us updated!