Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey two posts in one week!

Nothing like a sore foot to SLOW you down!

Life seems was running faster than I was! Flower has was in hospital overnight due to a very high temp! The first doctor looked in her ears but found nothing then an hour later another doctor looked in and said she has a bad ear infection! Flower was given medication and sent home the next day!

That same afternoon we picked up Flowers older sister who I will call "Lolly".
Lolly came for the weekend to have some bonding time with Flower. Lolly is 3 years old and is a sweetie! But Lolly bought some friends with her "NITS" It wasn't a small town it was a thriving city! I spent an hour of finely combing her hair with the products and nit combs! No word of a lie I got upwards of 300 nits out of her hair!

Saturday morning I was running out to the car to get my handbag out! And jumped off my front step (instead of walking down them) Landed on my ankle that rolled and then I heard a POP! Ahhhgggg WAS so painful.... I felt like I was going to pass out! Off to the hospital we headed!

The news was
Torn ligament off my heal bone week in cast then back for a check up!
LIFE is never boring!

Poor AL 5 kids and a wife on crutches! Thankfully all the older kids got right in and helped out! VERY proud of all of them!

Lolly was great to have here and looks like we will be doing this ever other weekend. Lolly is more than welcome as long as we don't have her friends bacK :P
Arliah and Lolly spent most of the weekend playing together happily.

Having the next week off work I am going to find some "ME" time to catch up on some "blog time"!


Christine said...

Ouch! Hope your foot feels better soon!

Janine said...

Hi, just called in to catch up on the last few months of blogging...It sounds like your life is very busy and full. Hope your foot heals well - I did a similar thing about eight years ago and it was fully six months before I felt recovered (sorry, sounds a bit grim). Look forward to hearing how things work out for little Flower.