Sunday, September 05, 2010

Me - Sunday Snapshot!

Ni Hao Y'all

Torn ligament off my heal bone week in cast

Go back to doctor Another week off with the MOON boot added! Oh and a CT scan to see if I need an operation!

crutches and Kagen are my new best friends!

Oh a mental note to all! Dont do things you tell YOUR kids not to do! Like jumping down 3 sets of stairs! Other wise you will LOOK like me!


Nancy said...

Oh! SO sorry! Those crutches look like they surely slow you down!
Speedy recovery!

Stefanie said...

What?!? Oh no! That's awful... so sorry to hear that :( Hope you do NOT have to have surgery and that you're feeling spunky again soon. Just don't jump off any more stairs ;)
Happy Sunday, Chelley!!

Jen said...

Oh NO! Being an injured Mama is no fun! Prayers your way!

Sharon said...

OUCH! Hope you're healed up soon!

Christine said...

Ouch! Big cyber hugs!