Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Alone - if you dont count the kids!

Allan is away for work again for 2 weeks this time! So keeping everyone busy while keeping them happy is always fun = add to that its school holidays and the middle of summer its a ball of laughs!

Toy Library is back at work this week so that means back to working 2 jobs! Never boring! Did enjoy the last 5 weeks off one job!

Arliah said to me today (while I was in the shower) Mum when will I grow feathers like you??????????? I am like WHAT?!?!?! And then worked out that she was talking about my pubic hair ((((oh my gooodnessss)))) was all I could do not to LAUGH!
I then informed Arliah that she too would grow feathers when she gets older! Arliah wasn't happy about that!


Andrea said...

OMG!! That is Hilarious!!!!

Tina Michelle said...

How super funny!