Wednesday, March 23, 2011

yeah I am slack - but its DOING MY HEAD IN

I have been so crap at blogging but its really just get away LIFE doesn't it!

First of we are ALL well Kagen and Tiarna started Year 4 this year and it was a very long start to the year with that first few weeks of school taking a while to settle in!

Arliah is loving Year 1 and started the year off well but the last few weeks shes been very cranky after school so not sure if it is SCHOOL or shes just having a long hard day!

Allans work has been busy with lots of time away and training!

I have been offered a full time job at Toy Library were I have been working casual for the last year and half. It is exciting and yet daunting change because of the person I am replacing she is an amazing person and I have VERY big shoes to fill!

The 2nd week in Apr I so to Uni for Resi School a week full of FULL on face to face stuff I am starting to get excited and scared at the same time!!!!

Flower is still here with us and had another day of SLEEP contact today this is like 8 weeks of it and she doesn't sleep there at all! It is driving me batty that they want to keep inflicting this on her but you know! Its the best interest of the child! BULL SHIT

With my new job I need to get some day care for Flower and have emailed and emailed and talked to so many people and still to this point 4 weeks later I do not have any answers... IT IS DOING MY HEAD IN

Regarding Flowers Restoration so far it still all AT ALL GO at the moment even through we have been told that one time shes going home then shes staying then shes going back?????? IT IS DOING MY HEAD IN

The end less shit that happens is just crazy! And getting the stupid comments from the Flowers Birth parents just tips me over the edge. Like for example don't feed Flower bananas because there is MILK in them! Don't give Flower LCM bars they are FULL of nuts?? Not cleaning her bum if she does a poo? Stuffing her food in to her mouth even when she will not open it to the point of making her puke! !!!!! IT IS DOING MY HEAD IN

The fact that Cws never return phone calls or emails regrading things that needed to be sorted! They cant give me any idea what will happen next just that they have until FEB 2012 to have something sorted! IT IS DOING MY HEAD IN

That when you have the manager of CP say I really do not think this will work but we have not got all out ducks in a row to take this to court (other words Flowers CW has not done her job becuase she is a F*(# H#@$%) That we have put Flower through 4 DAYS of access a week TO work out what to do next?????? IT IS DOING MY HEAD IN


Kate said...

Can I scream with you, please??? Total incompetence is what these workers seem to specialise in and little Flower is the one who is paying the cost.

Andrea said...

Bless your heart. It sounds like you may want to talk to whomever is in CHARGE of the S.worker. Sometimes going over the head works. ;)
Poor Flower shouldn't have to deal with these things....and don't even get me started on those birthparents. Insane.

Nomes said...

Oh Chell...sending a huge hug mate.Its just so appauling that all of you have to go through this grrr.You are an amazing woman but even amazing women need to let it all out cause otherwise you would explode :( Keeping you all in my thoughts and yelling at the nitwits that are making crappy decisions !!!
Hugs Nomes xx