Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday mornings are now busy!

Sitting down trying to work out who needs to be where and when!

Saturday mornings have become a race! I am just hoping to get the right child to the right thing at the right time! Cant you just see Kagen at ballet in his swimsuit?

for example

10am Arliah Ballet

10:30am Kagen & Tiarna Swim lesson's

10:45am Arliah finish ballet

11am Kagen & Tiarna finish swim lesson's

11:45am Tiarna ballet

1pm Tiarna finish ballet

3pm Arliah swim lesson's!


by 4pm I think I am going to need a sleep??


Maggie said...

Oh my. That's quite a hectic schedule!

Jen said...

you girl are totally my hero! Jen