Monday, February 23, 2009

One bright day.. Hoping its a start of many!

Today was a very bright day indeed!

When I picked the twins up from school I was so hoping that Kagen had a good day!

Over the weekend we had talked to him about his feelings and ways of dealing with the "bullies"

He jumped in the car and he was "bright and bubbly"! Not wanting to get to excited I asked them how their days were and Kagen said "Those boys came up to me in the playground and called me a fat bi**h" I said Oh and what happened then. Kagen smiled and said "call me what you want I don't care!" (I was jumping up and down inside on hearing this)
I asked if the boys answered him or leave him alone after that! He said "No they called my it again but told them it doesn't hurt me so go away!"

OH YAY!!!! I am so happy that he stood up for himself!! I am so happy that at least TODAY he was happy!

Yes I know tomorrow is a NEW day but at least until I pick them up from school my heart will be full of hope that Kagen has had another GREAT day!

This doesn't solve all the worries but it is a baby step and I hope that with each day his confidences will grow and he will start to see the school isn't that bad and learning is GREAT!

Today for me was my FIRST real day of University Although I didn't sit in a class room I did enjoy my day and did all the readings I needed to get done and submitted my first requirement today!!! Onwards and upwards!

My first module is Interpersonal Communication!


Kate said...

I'm so glad Kagen was able to stand up to the bullies today! This will empower him and help build his self confidence. Keep talking with him - your support is vital.
I hope and pray tomorrow is another good day. :)

Andrea said...


Miss Andrea