Sunday, May 01, 2011

when to fight when to let go

So what we have done this weekend
taken the issue to the highest people we can

who in turn taking it to the director of dept
the person I spoke to last night says that there are so many errors in Flowers case that
she is really shocked that this whole case is still going....
she doesn't understand why Flower was giving restoration yet other siblings 18 orders? (that makes most of us)

the flaws are starting from the start
is that Flower really should have never got the restoration orders but did
from those orders she SHOULD have been home within 8 months but didn't
case worker did NOT document any of the reports that was needed in year after the orders were made

this and why could not take it back to court to revoke the orders 6 months ago

so they CWs managers that the parents had to do the parenting stuff so they could get the info needed to made a decision

which they have been doing, and while they have not STUFFED this up they have not done a wonderful job either.....

and that my argument the whole time that if the RIGHT things were done then we would not be in the mess now
so I have taken it to the people to get them to take it higher...
I have one person should be calling me Monday (late afternoon) with some outcomes
and then will know more the following Monday....


Tina Michelle said...

I am sorry it is such a mess. Do they not realize the main one hurting in all this mess is little miss flower? They need to get their stuff together and stay on the ball for her sake.

MMrussianadoption said...

sorry havent checked blogs in awhile. hugs for this mother's day

Andrea said...

Geeesh! Please keep us posted. And you should fight fir what's best , always . :)