Sunday, November 01, 2009

Testing Testing ....

Kagen had testing done this week at his new school. It was done to work out at what level he is at and if he has fall behind from all the crap that went on at his old school (these posts here will update you 1 2 )

6 tests were done and 5 of them put him 18 months behind of were he should be now. The last test put him 1 year ahead (this was a receptive skills test)

When I got the kids to bed that night I was so very upset angry mad I was just plain nasty! I was blaming myself and I was so cranky with the OLD school for letting it all happen!

I have since calmed down and its amazing what words of advice from friends and a nights sleep can do...

So where do we go from here...

first - Occupational Therapist to rule out a learning disorder (they do not think there is one but to be sure as that last he tested above his age and wouldnt have if he did)

second - Intensive Tutoring they are wanting 3-4 times per WEEK!

third - The school will place some programs for him but they are limited to what they can offer

We have put wheels in motion for the tutor but that is proving to be harder than we thought as of the commitment that we need is too much for the people we have spoke to about it.

We are getting together info about the OT but again to get an appointment here in town looks like the wait is around 16 months! So we will need to travel out of town for that.


Nomes said...

Chelley, you can get up to 5 subsidised by medicare O/T appointments.You need to go to your GP and and ask for type of plan I think its called Enhanced care plan ?
the DOC will know.We are about to do this with Smiley for speechies.
Wish I was love to help out :)
Cheers Nomes x

OziMum said...

Urgh. Sounds very similar to our experience with Mikayla. I was SO angry with her old school. And what's more annoying, is I kept asking at the old school, and was told everything was ok.... clearly everything WAS NOT OK!!!

Anonymous said...

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

hoping that all turns out ok... well, they will turn out fine... hugs to ya.